The Best Glasses And Sunglasses Are Here

I Love Glasses is an online establishment that specializes in eyeglasses and sunglasses. One of the most respected names this company carries is Lafont. Lafont is an amazing brand. This brand has been created to bring forth romance to both eyeglasses and sunglasses.


When it comes to eyeglasses, the first amazing model is the Reinette model. This is a pair of unisex glasses. They come in the colors of sharp green and sharp pink. They have frames that resemble the 1930’s look. These glasses are made from the best material available. When people purchase these glasses, they are purchasing a piece of history because these are one of the first pair of glasses created by Lafont.

Another popular model would be the Nolita model. This model of glasses has been created for women. These glasses come in a standard royal blue, but they can be purchased in a many different colors. The lenses are big, and the frames are pointed on the front sides. This gives a pure feminine look to the glasses.

One of the models that truly stand out is the Ostrogoth. This model comes in a royal blue but can be ordered in a variety of colors. These glasses have been made for both men and women. They are created with rough material. The lenses are large and square, and these glasses have been created to be a perfect fit. These are one of the models that come in so many different sizes.

An additional wonderful model created by Lafont is the Ninja model. These glasses are made for both men and women. These are the most unique glasses created by Lafont. They come with large lenses and frames made from tough material. The most unique thing about these glasses is the design. They are created standard black with yellow marble within them.


The most famous pair of sunglasses is the Ostende model. These glasses are made for men and have large lenses, and the glasses themselves have an oval shape about them. They also have a 90’s look about them and come in several different styles. With each style, comes a change in the frames and the color of the lenses.

Another great pair of sunglasses would be the Oregon model. These sunglasses are also made for men. They have a round design to them, and they definitely look like glasses that should be worn on the beach. They come in a standard royal blue, but they can be purchased in a variety of colors. Each color of these particular glasses has some kind of uniqueness behind them.

The model Fancy is a model that has been loved by people everywhere. This model has been work by both men and women. This model is unique because the lenses are very thick. The tops of lenses are covered in a clear material, and the frame is pure black. This is another one of the glasses that are unique when they are purchased in different colors.

An additional great model of sunglasses made by Lafont is the Harbor model. This model is being work by both men and women. This pair of glasses comes in a standard black with cream-colored lenses. There are several different colors that can be ordered. These colors come in different colored frames and different colored lenses. Every color has its own uniqueness. This model has been voted as one of the most unique model of sunglasses created by Lafont.


I Love Glasses is full of reviews concerning Lafont glasses; this is for both traditional glasses and sunglasses. All of the reviews on this website are positive. People everywhere love this name brand, and they love the style of these glasses, too. Just about every single day there is a new review posted on this website. These reviews are updated almost by the hour. Even better, there has not been a single bad review written about Lafont glasses. This is because there is nothing bad to say about these glasses in the first place.

What people love the most is that mostly all Lafont glasses can be purchased for fewer than 200 dollars. This is a wonderful price seeing that the quality of these glasses surpasses 200 dollars. Another great thing is that I Love Glasses offers free shipping with every single order. This is wonderful during the summertime and throughout the rest of the year. These glasses make an excellent gift at all times.

People can also get their money back if they are not happy with their glasses. Luckily, no person has asked for his/her money back. This is because these glasses live up to the quality they claim. These glasses also present themselves as one of a kind. There is no other online establishment that sells these quality glasses at these amazing low prices.


Many Models For Many Different People

If people are in search of sunglasses or eyeglasses, they should make one stop at I Love Glasses. This is a company that operates online. They only carry the best sunglasses and eyeglasses on the market. One of the best name brand glasses they have is IC Berlin.


Concerning eyeglasses, one of the best models created by IC Berlin would be the M4080 Hanzou H. These glasses have been designed for women. They come in a standard black, but they can be purchased in several different colors. These glasses have been created from the best material available. They have a unique round design to them. This goes for the lenses and the frame. This helps the glasses become a lot more comfortable.

One of the great models from this company is the A0592. This is also a women’s style of glasses. They come in a standards black but can be purchased in a variety of colors. They are large glasses with a flexible attitude; the large frames make these glasses very unique, especially for women’s glasses.

Another great model of glasses made from IC Berlin would be the M5116 Susten Medium. These are glasses that have been made for men. They come in a standard white; this white makes the frame of the glasses look almost invincible. This makes these glasses look very cool. They can also be ordered in many different colors, too. The framed are large, but the glasses as a whole have an oval shape about them.

An additional popular model of glasses created by IC Berlin is the A0589 Humboldhain. These are glasses created for men. They are designed with large frames and lenses. They come in a standard black but can be ordered in a variety of colors; men especially like the clear version of these glasses. Another popular thing about these glasses is the skinny frame.


One of the most popular sunglasses created by IC Berlin would the model M1249 Guntzelstrabe. This model has been designed for men. The frame of the glasses is extremely thin and the lenses are large; the frames are also made from a unique metal. The lenses are colorful. They come in a standard yellow, but they can be purchased in a variety of different colors, too; these are the most colorful sunglasses created by IC Berlin.

Another great model would be the D0003H Wedding. These glasses have a 70’s look to them. The frames are very thin and fit comfortable on the face. The lenses are circle and come in a variety of colors. These are unique lenses because they are smoke-tinted lenses.

Women everywhere also love model XM0086 Oberspree. These sunglasses are wonderful for women who spend a lot of time on the beach. The standard gold color frame and lenses make these glasses unique. They can also be purchased in a gray color, too. This gray is not too dark, and it consists of a gray frame and gray lenses.

Women everywhere also love the XM0084 SXF model. This model comes in a standard light blue. This is the only color this pair of glasses comes in, but this color is unique and brings new style to the word sunglasses. The lenses are light blue, and they are tinted, too. The tops of the lenses are turquoise, and the frames are silver. These sunglasses fit comfortably around the face of all women. Best of all, women can run with these glasses on without them falling off.


People all around the globe love the glasses that are produced by IC Berlin. The traditional glasses and the sunglasses have both been big hits. These glasses are purchased every single day, and they are usually purchased in bulk, too.

The people who purchase these glasses always leave a review on the I Love Glasses website. All of these reviews are filled with wonderful words that explain how happy people are now that they have these glasses. Thee people explain how these are not just regular glasses. These glasses make people feel great about them.

Another great thing about IC Berlin glasses is that they can be purchased for fewer than 200 dollars. These glasses are full of great quality, so this is a great price considering the amount of quality and stability people are getting when they purchase these glasses. There are no other glasses like these on the entire planet. These glasses will make a great gift during the course of the year.

If that is not good enough, I Love Glasses offers free shipping with every single order. There is no other company that provides these wonderful glasses at this low price with free shipping. This is because this online establishment truly cares about all of its customers. There is nothing that can compare with this great service.

Top eyewear trends for woman in 2015

Whether it’s summer or winter, sunglasses are one of the coolest accessories that can transform your look in seconds. The best part is they keep getting better day by day. Let’s check out what is on the horizon for eyewear trends in 2015.

Trend 1: Graphic shapes –

Graphical framed sunglasses are one of the most impressive trends recently. The frames have unique shapes like square; triangle; round; oval and often star. You will get several options in shades and creative forms. Check out the chic ombre collections from Valentino; the classy and sporty collections by Kenzo; universal and simply caseal frames from Vera Wang and do not miss the oversized rounded graphic frames from Roberto Cavalli.

Trend 2: Cat- eye –

Women, somehow find cat eyes to be super fascinating. Not just for 2015, but these cat eyed sunglasses are ruling the fashion market since vintage era. What’s best about them? Well, they go well with every face shape and every complexion. You will never run short of the gorgeous effect. Diverse shades, designs and colors will jazz up any outfit you wear. To get some of these unfailing stylish products see sassy collections from Fendi; the mysterious collection of Versace; the classy cat-eyes sunglasses by Rochas.

Trend 3: Aviators –

Aviator sunglasses surprisingly look cool when someone wears it. This eyewear is hot favorite in the market at present. When you wear one of these cool options, you will flatter an aviator –type personality with a brush up of sophistication and ultra-modernity. Fashionist as are definitely happy with the comeback of aviator sunglasses to the catwalk. Gucci; Tommy and Hilfiger have some of the most amazing and impressive range of aviator eye wears in transparent glasses teamed with various shades and shapes of frames.

Trend 4: Oversized –

You may have a bad day when you do not want to show your face to the world. If this is the case then opaque and big sunglasses will come to your rescue. Fortunately, no one will come to know that you are actually hiding your face because these oversized eye wears are under the spotlight in 2015. Keep eye on fashion shows by fashion stalwarts for some of the stylish and ultra- vintage combos. Karen Walker; Christian Dior and 3.1 Phillip Lim are spiced up with unique creative details and neo- modern vibes which will create the flawless symphony and look.

Trend 5: Out- of – the- box patterns and prints

No, they are not apparels, but sunglass designs which say – ‘if it is creative, it is welcomed’! This design is the inspiration from legendary fashion head Chanel that introduces most unpredicted; inventive solutions and texture combos ever. If you are looking for sunglasses exclusively made for girls, these are the ones. The texture of the entire frame is soft fabric which creates a super puffy; colorful and girly look. Imaginative patterns, soft fabric and catchy designs will sparkle up your avatar.

So, pick up form these diverse and creative options to complete your ultra- stylish look for the upcoming season.

Best sunglass to suit your face – Men’s style

Ever tried putting on a sunglass you liked, but then taken it off right away after you saw yourself in the mirror? Probably, that stunning shade and stylish frame make a terrific combo, but dear; they are just not for your face shape. When it comes to sunglasses, the varieties and options are uncountable. For example, the aviator frames are universal but widths vary. Therefore, it is not an easy task to figure out what looks best on you. This write-up presents technical analysis of the face shapes and suitable eyewear for each. Take a look.

The Heart Face

Those who wear their ‘heart’ on their face they have a wide forehead; high cheekbones and narrow chin. Their jaw line is also thin which makes it tricky to balance.

Celebs with heart face: Justin Timberlake; Johny Depp

How to frame it: Go for round frames. This will help to balance the wide forehead. You can also pick up rimless glassless as they look stunning on heart shaped faces.

The Square Face

Those who have square shaped face; they are characterized by strong jaw line, angular chin and prominent forehead. The width and length of a square face is normally equal.

Celebs with square face: Nick Lachey; Mario Lopez

How to frame it: Go for frames that have soft round lines or thin lines. If you want to give a contrast, oval or round frames can be good choices. But minimal or rimless horizontal frame will spark up the attractive features from your face.

The Round Face

Men with round shape have almost equal face length and width. They have softer angles; fuller cheeks with no visible bones. They possess a delicate facial feature.

Celebs with round face: Jack Black; Kanye West

How to frame it: Rectangular or slightly rectangular framed sunglasses will help to add length to your round face. Do not mimic your face shape with excessively harsh lines or round frames. Pick up solid acetate sunglasses to create a defined profile.

The Oval Face

You have an oval face? Oh, you are the most versatile one! Overall balanced proportion with slightly narrow chin than the forehead is your prominent characteristic. You can also notice high cheekbones if you have a typical oval shaped face.

Celebs with oval face: Ryan Gosling; Jude Law

How to frame it: Go and pick up any frame you wish. An oval face can go well with any frame. So, don on the style in which you feel comfortable. Select sunglasses that are wider than the widest feature of your face. Stay away from the frames which unbalance the facial proportion. Remember, your eyes should be in the midpoint of the glass and not at the top or bottom.

The Diamond Face

Diamond face men have widest cheekbones with narrower jaw line and forehead. The jaw line and forehead are approximately of the same width. They have a defined chin.

Who has it: Dane Cook; Pete Wentz

How to frame it: Retro; rectangular sunglasses with downward color ways suits best to diamond faces. However, rectangular frames also sit properly on this typical face shape. Soften the bottom half of your face with strong colors and details.

So, set off your killer features with the sunglass that suits you best.

Characters defined by glasses

The truth is that glasses are the accessories that can help to define one’s character. One’s style is the spokesman of one’s personality and choice. Glasses are no different than clothes. This is to say that your clothes show your choice and similarly your glasses can define your personality. We all love to watch movies or TV series and we all see all kind of different characters. Our favourite characters like Peter Parker of Spiderman, Clark Kent of Superman, Max Fisher of Rushmore and many more are there whom we see with glasses. It is their pair of glasses which define their look and personality at its best while defining their style and character. TV shows the characters with their glasses and we love them for their respective looks. Eyeglasses have been used to define bad, good, innocent, clever, tough, soft and all other kinds of personalities.

1Max Fisher from Rushmore- The famous protagonist of the film who thinks he knows better than others, especially the adults and is quite stubborn about his thought; can never be imagined without his glasses.

2Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries- Though she wanted to look like the popular girls, but we certainly loved her more for her innocence and likeness for simplicity like cobat boots and vegetarian lifestyles; the character which was defined by her eyeglasses perfectly.

3Walter White from Breaking Bad- The character which shows the transformation of a Chemistry teacher into a murderous drug dealer. His tough looks and yet intelligent mind are all defined by his looks too. His eyeglasses just add to his style!


Paul Avery Jr. from Zodiac- Paul Avery is the crime reporter in the movie about the unforgettable serial killer Zodiac. The character is not only charming with his personality, but his glasses are an essential part of his charming personality too.


Zeus from Die Hard with a Vengeance- The perfect character who showed the courage of fighting back. His courageous character with his glasses define him and activist personality.


Velma from Scooby Doo- The sweet character who is intelligent, courageous and curious. We love her with her cute glasses and orange outfit! She is smart and her glasses made her look smart too!


Anita from Jennifer’s Body- Anita is the girl who loves and cares for her close ones. She fought against evil while taking tough decisions. She is a mature girl with decent moralities. Her glasses are part of her decent personality. We only see her without glasses when she has the power of the devil and kills the evil Jennifer at the end.


Clark Kent from SuperMan- Who does not love Clark Kent? He showed his common-man look and the reporter look through his glasses and conservative manner to portray the personality he wanted.


Peter Parker from SpiderMan- The favourite decent guy whom everyone likes for his soft manner and sweet nature. Peter Parker without glasses is the SpiderMan with mask. We love him anyways!


Laney Boggs from She’s all that- The girl is geeky and yet hot with her glasses.

We all have our favourite characters on TV whom we love for their looks and cannot imagine them without glasses. If you like to wear glasses or need prescription glasses; then go ahead to browse the different brands of eyeglasses at Make your style statement! Check out the famous brands like Prada, Lafont and ic!berlin.




The brands that you will love to check out for sunglasses

Everybody loves designer sunglasses, especially because people can trust the high quality lenses and material of such sunglasses while can rely on the latest design of such sunglasses which can provide maximum comfort. Each fashionable brand has its own unique design and material choice to provide customers with their particular needs. Few of the famous designer brands which have satisfied their customers needs ever since their formation are ic! Berlin, Lafont and Prada.

  • ic! berlin is the German brand that has been famous for producing eyewear collections which have extraordinary features to display the wonders of modern technology and ideas. Not only the company has focused on creating frames of electric PVD coating which would give them the vibrant look, but the company’s success in building screwless sunglasses has also amazed millions of people from all over the world. The brand has now got the name of the revolutionary who has proved to bring great changes in the development of sunglasses and other eyewear collections. Further the feather light quality of the sunglasses will always keep you strain free!





The above sunglasses are just few examples of the techonologically advanced ic!berlin and fashinablly foward designs of the brand. Check out more at

  • Talking about varieties and high fashion; Lafont can never lack behind. If you want to see the wide range of sunglasses and the varieties of designs of Lafont then spare at least a day to go through all the designs. There is a lot that Lafont has to show you. This brand is for you all! That is simply to say that whether you want a bold look or a simple look; you will get it all in Lafont. The brand has experience in creating eyewear collections for ages now and has dedicated itself totally to the creation of eyewear!





The above images are shown to show few examples of Lafont. Now don’t miss out the chance of viewing different patterns and unique styles of Lafont sunglasses. Check out to see more unique and fashionable sunglasses of Lafont.

  • The Italian luxury fashion house Prada is people’s favourite! If you are searching for luxury brand, then the sunglasses of Prada are perfect for you! This brand has been serving people for more than a century and has been known to provide only with the right product and quality.





The above pics are just a few examples of Prada sunglasses. The brand is an amazing choice if you are looking for elegance, sophistication and style. Now show off the styles of celbritities with Prada sunglasses. Each pair of Lafont sunglasses is beautiful and vibrant; with the luxury touch.

Now check out these brands and enjoy your style!

Sunglasses and Face Shape

It is very important to know your face shape before you select your sunglasses. You must find out whether you fall under the category of heart shape, oval shape, round shape, long shape, diamond shape, triangle shape or square shape. You can look in the mirror to guess or just tracing the outline of your face on the mirror can also help you to know your face shape. Further, for precise understanding you can also measure your forehead, jaw line, cheekbone to cheekbone and the length of your face to find out about your face shape.

Heart Shape

People with heart shape has the face, which is widest at the forehead with a narrow chin at the bottom and high cheek bones. The heart shape is quite similar to triangle bit is not as sharp as triangle face shape. Reese Witherspoon is a good example of heart shaped faces. People with heart shape should go for sunglasses with cat-eye shape or round frame.

Sunglasses for Heart Shape Face

Prada 09N Sunglasses

Prada 09N Sunglasses

SPR05P Sunglasses

SPR05P Sunglasses

Lafont LEO Sunglasses

Lafont LEO Sunglasses

Lafont NAIADE Sunglasses

Lafont NAIADE Sunglasses

Oval Shape

People with Oval shape have wider cheekbone with soft narrow forehead and chin. Such faces have proportionate forehead, jaw and cheekbone; which make the features look even. The advantage of such shape is that it can carry any style pretty well.

Sunglasses for Oval Shape Face

Prada 58O Sunglasses

Prada 58O Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN A0581 Livi Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN A0581 Livi Sunglasses

Lafont BANDIT Sunglasses

Lafont BANDIT Sunglasses

Triangle Shape

Triangular shape is quite similar to the heart shape but with a pointy chin and sharp edges. People with the triangle shape has jaw as the widest part of the face with a pointy cheekbone and notable cheekbones. Tyrabanks is a perfect example, with a triangle shape face. People with this face shape can go for aviators, cat-eye and butterfly shapes.

Sunglasses for Trinagle Shape Face

Prada SPR06P Sunglasses

Prada SPR06P Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN M0095 Sissi Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN M0095 Sissi Sunglasses

Lafont HAMPTON Sunglasses

Lafont HAMPTON Sunglasses

Diamond Shape

People with diamond shape has sharp edges, but with a long face. People with this shape has narrow jaw and forehead while with the widest part being the cheekbones. People with this shape can go for oval frames, cat eye frames and rimless. Do not buy a pair of sunglasses which seems to be wider than your cheekbones.

Sunglasses for Diamond Shape Face

Prada SPR04P Sunglasses

Prada SPR04P Sunglasses

Lafont NAIADE Sunglasses

Lafont NAIADE Sunglasses

Round Shape

People with round shape faces have an equally wide forehead, jaw and cheekbones. Such faces lack pointy edges. Gennifer Goodwin’s face is an ideal example of a round face. People with such face shape can go for rectangular frames, wide frames, wrap and square frames.

Sunglasses for round face

IC! BERLIN A0587 Julina Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN A0587 Julina Sunglasses

Lafont FORMIDABLE Sunglasses

Lafont FORMIDABLE Sunglasses

Prada SPR27O Sunglasses

Prada SPR27O Sunglasses

Oblong Shape

Oblong shape is similar to oval, but is longer in length and has rounder chin. People with this shape can go for over sized sunglasses and wrap styles.

Sunglasses for Oblong Face

 Prada SPR54G Sunglasses

Prada SPR54G Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN XM0066 Boombox X Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN XM0066 Boombox X Sunglasses

Lafont NAUSICAA Sunglasses

Lafont NAUSICAA Sunglasses

Square Shape

People with Squared Shape face have a square jawline with a broad forehead. People with this shape have similar width and length across the face. Such face shape can go for round, cat eye, oval and butterfly frames while can also follow the aviator styles.

Sunglasses for Square Shape Face

IC! BERLIN A0594 Treptower Park Sunglasses

IC! BERLIN A0594 Treptower Park Sunglasses

Lafont NICE Sunglasses

Lafont NICE Sunglasses

Prada SPR09P Sunglasses

Prada SPR09P Sunglasses

Once you know the shape of your face; it would be easy for you to select the kind of sunglass that can fit you perfectly. Thereafter make your choice of patterns, colours and designs! It’s easy!